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Karen Darlene Adkins

Patricia Kay Barnes

Donald Andrew Clark
Marlene Joyce Conrad
Mildred Mae Coterel

Michele Mary Haas

Bobby Gene Hall

                                                                           Martina Jones                                                                            

Judith Ann Lowe

Sharon Rose Maxwell

Terry Lee Miller
James Robert Mears

Charles Lester Niblick Jr

Billy Dean Patterson
Barbara Jane Peyton
Wm. Augustus Poland III

Nancy Lou Rinehart

Sharon Lee Sallee

Ronnie David Smith
Paul Moore Staley Jr

Sherry Ann Sutherland
Barbara Lee Thomas
Sue Ann Twyman


If you know where any of these people are, please contact

Ruthellen (Kelley) Gunning at 667-8272 or

e-mail at

We are working on the

45th Class Reunion


If you were a part of our class at any time and have not been contacted, please contact us.