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Northridge Class of 1965
Class Song



Verse 1:


Tis the night of grad-u-a-tion we have waited for so long


Through the years it seemed so dis-tant now we hail it with a song.


There’s an o-ver-tone of sadness in the joy we feel today, for


We all must part to-mor-row and each one must go his way.



Verse 2:


There’s a bend in the road before us, we have not been round


Before, and the time has come to near it and to see what lies in


Store, in our minds we see the future, in our hearts we feel so blue,


For the Class of “65” bids farewell, goodbye to you.



Music by:  Jack Kelley

Words by:  Sheila Branham and Vicki Etter                                                        Return to Main-Page