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Northridge Class of 1965

In memory of those classmates who are no longer with us...

"...We are all better off having known you and having spent our youthful years with you, so a special part of you will be with us always..."

"...Go quietly into eternity with the knowledge that you will never be forgotten..."

"...Rest well...knowing you are with us in our hearts and as fond memories..."

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Blaine Bogan
Harry Johnson
Bob Plantz
Bob Colwell
Gail Higgins
Ron Bethard
Ken Inskeep
Bob Vogel
Harold Cruea
Jessica Shotts
Ray Simmons
Bonnie Harlow
Sam Rose
Allen Schmidlapp
Nancy Woodrum
Donna Long
Cherry Clovis
Jim Cowan
Millard 'Sonny' Crowden
Bernice Bernheisel
Betty Thomas
Carey Kelley
Virginia Stallard
Carolyn Mueller
Connie Lancaster
Phil Burton
Tanya Fugate
Karen Adkins
James Mears
Sharon Maxwell
Janice Recher
Judy Lowe
Donald Clark
Daniel Cruea
Marlene Conrad
Jay Hewlett
Tom Roberts
Donald Shafer
Charles Christopher
Jim Evans
Bob Bayless
Ron Millam
Betty Strole
Raymond Hartman