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Northridge Class of 1965  -  Trivia Challenge

If you think you have an answer - send it to: I know the answer 'cuz I was there!
Those submitting the correct answer will be recognized below the question...
(Classmates: If you are the answer to any question...please let someone else answer!)

What was the original name of the florist shop next to Rexall Drugstore...and what was its name changed to?

Who was the secretary to the Principal?

Who was All Sports Queen our senior year...and who was her escort?

Who was homecoming queen in 1965...and who was her escort?

Who MVP on the girls varsity field hockey in 1965?

Who editor of the school newspaper in 1965?

Who was the head coach of the boys varsity basketball team in 1965?

Who was the yearbook editor our senior year?

Who was "HOOT"?

Who had a '56 Chevy nicknamed "pinto" before Ford came out with a car that name?

What teacher was always "bumming" cigarettes off students...and then turn them in for "smoking"?

What teacher's wardrobe include flannel army shirts?

What teacher would sometimes say "do problems on pages One-Zero-Eight, One-Zero-Nine, and One-Zero-Ten"?

How much was an NHS student parking pass in 1965?

What classmate is the current "voice" of Vandalia-Butler basketball games?

What was a "dinky bird"..and where was it known to "land"?

Who was the assistant baseball coach in 1965?

What teacher was knows as "Inky-Blinky"?

What was the first teacher that left the profession to go sell for Josten's?

What teacher's ex-husband was on Channel-2?

How did a "dough-dee" work?

What 2 things were unique about the Converse All-Stars (Chuck Taylor) gym shoes introduced in the early 60's?

Who did the "air-raid" scene in the play "The Mouse That Roared"?

Who was the physics teacher our senior year....and what was that person's previous "occupation"?
Answer: Mr. Baldwin + retired Air Force Colonel  -  (Don Welch)

What was the name of the school newspaper?
Answer: The Bear Facts - (Don Welch)

Who was notorious for the saying "Stay off the floor with those street shoes!"?
Answer: Mr. Fink - (Don Welch)

What was a "muzzy"...and with whom was it associated?
Answer: A history book + Mr. Renner -  (Don Welch)

Who was the first person to graduate from the "new" high school?
Answer: Glenda Adkins - (Don Welch)

In many girls were needed to start a basketball game?
Answer: 6 - (Don Welch)

Name our 2 guidance counselors.
Answer: Klipps + Kruppman - (Don Welch)

What was a "FIART"...and with whom was it associated?
Answer: Fiat automobile owned by Wayne Hieatt - (Don Welch)

What was on the property just before the "new" high school was built?
Answer: NAAA baseball diamonds - (Don Welch)

What were the "submarine races"...and where were they normally held?
Answer: Making-out at DeWesse Parkway - (DonWelch)

What teacher was known for his "ski boots" and was referred to as "Ski King"?
Answer: Mr. Leonard Myers - (Jack Wilson)

What was the dance called where girls asked guys to attend?
Answer: TWIRP Dance - (Jack Wilson)

In 1965...who was NHS' archrival in the SWBL?
Answer: Vandalia-Butler - (Jack Wilson)

What girls' sport required the wearing of skirts?
Answer: Field Hockey - (Jack Wilson)

What was the term that referred to the tight-legs of guy's pants?
Answer: Pegged Pants - (Jack Wilson)

What classmate's father handed out diplomas at our graduation?
Answer: Carey Kelley' Father was on the school board - (Jack Wilson)

What were the name of the small hubcaps that were popular in the early 60's?
Answer: Baby Moons - (Jack Wilson)

What club was associated with the YMCA...and who was the teacher-advisor?
Answer: Hi-Y and Mr. Ed Puterbaugh - (Jack Wilson)

What did GAA stand for?
Answer: Girls Athletic Association - (Jack Wilson)

Who was the polar bear mascot in 1965?
Answer: Ruthellen Kelley - (Jack Wilson)

What was the name of the bowling establishment in Northridge?
Answer: Pastime Lanes - (Jack Wilson)

What was the controversial book read in Phil Wilson's class?
Answer: Catcher in the Rye - (Jack Wilson)

Who was MVP of the boys 1965 varsity basketball team?
Answer: Rick Ploski - (Jack Wilson)

What was the original name of the restaurant on North Dixie next to (north) the old high school?
Answer: Char-R-Burger - (Jack Wilson)

Who was the last classmate to graduate in 1965?
Answer: Tom Zimmer - (Jack Wilson)

What was the name of the florist shop on North Dixie?
Answer: Moritz Flowers - (Jack Wilson)

What was the name of the "fast food" place across from Queen of Martyrs?
Answer: The Golden Point - (Jack Wilson)

                        I know the answer 'cuz I was there!

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