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Classmates with email

Where are they?

What are they up to now?

In Memory  of ....














Welcome to our web site!

New features have been added and others improved a bit. The pages that you can access are listed to the left. Suggestions for improvement are always encouraged and will be considered.

The page called "Classmates with email" is just that!  These are classmates that either left their email addresses on the sign-in sheet at the last reunion, or sent them since then.  Hopefully, they are all correct.  If you hit any that are "out of service" drop a note to me here, and I will delete it.  Accordingly, if you know someone that should be added, send me a note here and I will add it.  Better yet, pass along the website address and make them visit...

Ever wonder where some of the people we graduated with ended up?  Well, so do we!  The page called "Where are they?" lists many of those we have NEVER been able to locate, or have never attended a reunion.  If you know anything about any of these "lost" individuals, let us know!

"What are they up to now?" is a glimpse of what some of the classmates are doing with their lives.  Currently, its under construction, waiting for your input.  Drop a note if you would like to be added, indicating the exact information you want posted. 

"In Memory of..." is a listing of those classmates that are no longer with us. If anyone would like to add any tribute to one of these classmates, drop a note and it will be added.

If you have not registered with Classmates website at right, it is greatly encouraged.

(Property of the Northridge High School Class of 1965, Dayton OH.  Last updated on 06/20/01  All information is believed to be correct as listed.  No liability will be incurred due to any inaccuracies.  Any such occurrences should be reported immediately.  Webmaster)

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